Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our Workbox Modification

We started using workboxes several years ago and found it a good way to organize the day and to keep Emily on track with her assignments. This year, she decided that she would prefer to simply work from a printed schedule. I always kept a printed schedule in my planner, so now she is checking it herself and marking off assignments as they are finished.




















Before this year, books were supposed to be kept on a particular shelf or in a cabinet, but often weren’t. Smaller items, like flashcards couldn’t be stored easily with the corresponding books. Homemade games had yet another holding spot. We were spending too much time just hunting down supplies!

We decided to repurpose our workbox drawers. I printed new labels—one for each subject, added stickers, and laminated them. Because they are velcroed to the drawers, it’s easy to move them around. (I actually have a few more subjects than drawers, so I just rotate the subjects we don’t use every week, like “games,” “art,” and “critical thinking.”) We keep the books and supplies for each subject in the appropriate drawer. Some 3-ring binders don’t fit well in the drawers, however, so we store them on top.

This has been a fairly successful way to keep up with our books and supplies. It’s given me more shelf space and allowed the cart to continue to be useful!

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