Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Operation Smile and Campus Book Rentals


Did you know that every 3 minutes, a child is born with a cleft lip and/or palate? Or that 10% of these children will die before their first birthday? Children in the U.S. and other first-world countries have access to surgical and medical treatments to correct clefts, but sadly, this isn’t the case for children in many parts of the world. As a speech-pathologist, I know how big a handicap a cleft lip or palate can be to sucking/eating and to speech. Furthermore, the obvious facial deformities can cause children to be shunned in their communities.

Operation Smile is a wonderful volunteer-based medical charity that provides free cleft surgeries to children and young adults in more than 60 countries, resulting in over 200,000 surgeries and changed lives since 1982.

I was interested to learn that campusbookrentals.com makes a donation to Operation Smile with every book rented. That is a double-win for college students and homeschoolers—saving money on textbooks and helping out a worthy organization!

My three oldest children recently graduated from college. We were all shocked to realize how much textbooks cost—especially if they were all purchased at the college bookstore. If the students chose to sell the books back at the end of the term, they only received a small fraction of the purchase price back. So we definitely looked for other options when possible! Campusbookrentals.com is a site where students can very affordably rent the books they need for the semester and save 40-90%.  Shipping is free each way, rental periods are flexible, and students may even highlight in the textbooks. When textbooks can cost $100 or more, this can be a big money saver!

On the other side of the equation, students who have a stack of books at the end of the year and want to recoup some of the investment they made in these books can participate in the RentBack.com program. In this case, books are shipped to rentback.com (at no cost) and are available to be rented out to other students again and again and again. And each time, the student is paid a rental fee!


Campusbookrentals.com also offers elementary through high school materials! A quick search showed me that a Saxon Algebra book rental was available for about $24 (depending on the rental term).  Homeschoolers spend a lot of money on textbooks also, so I’m glad to hear of this money-saving option.


Disclaimer: I will be receiving compensation for sharing about Campusrentals.com, RentBack.com, and Operation Smile. All opinions are my own.

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