Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fun With Hands-On Science

5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials

It may be easiest to do all of your science studies from a text book, but some of my children’s most memorable experiences have been  their hands-on science activities, both field-trip activities and experiments. During the elementary school years, we didn’t even use a traditional curriculum for science at all. We used lots of library books, experiment books, and Bill Nye and Magic School Bus videos/ TV shows. All of the kids have considered science one of their favorite subjects and they always scored well on achievement tests despite our atypical curriculum.

Here are some photos of our science fun through the years. I’m not sure what’s happening here—maybe observing the motion of homemade boats?


Hands-down, the most fun science field trip we participated in were a couple of 3 day “Sea Lab” trips we took to Dauphin Island, AL. The kids were able to study waves, dissect squid, learn about ocean creatures, and the ecosystems of the ocean and marshes.


Dissecting owl pellets is a fun (and non-stinky) way to try out dissection while learning about owls and rodents.


Learning about polymers while making slime


I challenge you to add some more hands-on activities to your science curriculum!

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  1. I need to take this challenge. I am NOT a science-y person. I'm not a projects person, unless it's super artsy. I'm one that's more like, "okay, let's PRETEND we did this experiment... what do you think would happen?"

    Yeah, I know. Working on it. CKE science has been helpful to me, because the science experiments are simple and I read the pages one day and can preview the project for a couple of days later. It's one of the only ways I've found that I'll plan ahead in enough time to actually get it done. ;) Once again, planning ahead comes up for me.... God is saying something to me. LOL Pray with me to figure out exactly what?

    Great post, and thanks for the challenge! Blessings!


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