Monday, January 20, 2014

A Homeschool Essential— A Plan!


Long before I begin each school year, I start the planning process. Actually, I love planning, and often get started preparing for the next school year in March or so.

First, I think about my goals for the upcoming year—both in academic topics and skills. For example, for English, I may want my daughter to complete a vocabulary workbook, read a certain number of books, and develop competence in writing 5-paragraph essays and diagramming sentences. In history/geography, I may want to cover a specific time period of history and have her memorize 10 historical dates and be able to label all the states on a US map.

The next step is choosing the resources I will use. I try to look at my goals as I’m deciding which books and materials will best help us to meet those goals. Personally, I do a lot of picking and choosing from different publishers, use the library and computer a lot, and make some of my own materials.

Then, I map out a rough schedule for the year. Some resources will be used for only a few weeks, while others will be used for the full year. The yearly plan is subject to change, but it gives me a good framework to work with, and allows me to see an overall picture of the year.

I use a lesson planning grid to plan the daily/weekly lessons. I do this throughout the year, planning lessons 3 or 4 weeks at a time. This helps me allow for unforeseen delays, rabbit trails, and review products.

I’m a naturally organized person, but I think that a plan is important for anyone who wants to homeschool successfully. Otherwise, it can be too easy to fall behind, or let important skills slip through the cracks. This does apply more to older students, though. I’m all for short school days, hands-on experiences, and lots of time cuddled up on the couch reading for little ones!

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  1. I'm NOT a naturally organized person... but I love doing organizational things and making plans. I don't ever take the time to plan out the whole year, though, because I'm horrible at STICKING to the plan. I have to redo my plan almost every week... every month for sure. LOL Great post though! Thanks for sharing!


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