Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Fun with Science!

As Emily was studying respiration in her Apologia General Science book, I looked on the Supercharged Science site for some additional activities to reinforce what she was learning. We love this site!
Here, she is measuring her lung capacity. First, she marked 100 ml. increments  outside of a bottle. Next, she filled the bottle with water,   placed it upside down in a bowl of water, and inserted a piece of tubing into the bottle. She then took a deep breath and blew into the bottle,  displacing the water from the bottle into the bowl. She then capped off the bottle, turned it over and figured out her lung capacity.
In this experiment, she checked for the presence of carbon dioxide in the air she exhaled. She mixed bromothymol blue with water and blew into the cup. The chemical reaction with the carbon dioxide in her breath turned the solution from green to yellow. She was quite impressed! For fun, we added a drop of ammonia to the solution, which turned the color back to green.
I wrote a full review of Supercharged Science a few months ago with details of more fun experiments that we’ve tried. 
If you’d like to try out Supercharged Science totally free, here is a link to 30 free experiments and videos:

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