Monday, June 10, 2013

Kindle Fire Apps for School

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As a fairly new Kindle Fire owner, I’ve been looking for some good educational apps for Emily. Unfortunately, there’s not as much available for Kindle as there is for the iPad, particularly for older kids but I’ve found a few that I love.

Spanish in a Month: This reminds me of Rosetta Stone. This immersion style program labels a series of pictures, then repeats each word or phrase, requiring the player to choose the correct picture. There are 30 lessons in the full version ($2.00) and 2 lessons in the free version. We’re finding this well worth the price!

Treble Cat/ Bass Cat: These simple (and free) programs teach children to identify notes on the treble and bass clefs, respectively. Emily is learning to play the piano, but I was finding that she needed some additional practice to master her notes. After just a few game plays, she was doing much better on the real piano!

Bridge Constructor Playground ($1.99) teaches physics principles and bridge building through a fun game. We lucked into this one when it was a Free App of the Day.




Study Blue (free) is a free flashcard app. I haven’t tried others, but this works well and the price was right. Smile Emily uses this to practice her Spanish vocabulary.

Train Crisis HD ($.99) This isn’t educational, but it is so much fun! And addicting! Guide your trains to the correct station without crashing or derailing.

And for the teacher….read the Old Schoolhouse Magazine for FREE on your Kindle with this app.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Do you have any more Kindle app suggestions for middle school aged children?  I’d love some more suggestions!


  1. Debbie, I happen to know I'll be getting a Kindle Fire for Christmas this year and have been browsing the internet for got homeschool apps. Do you have any to add to the list since this post?

    1. Yes, I just wrote a new post a few weeks ago listing a lot more educational apps!

      Hope you enjoy your Kindle Fire. I love mine!


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