Friday, June 7, 2013

My Favorite New Homeschool Products

I have been so blessed to be able to try so many different products through the Schoolhouse Crew. These are a few of my very favorites from this past school year, almost none of which I had heard about before this year:

Supercharged Science (affiliate link) Lots of hands-on science experiments that really work! Each one is accompanied by a video that shows you just what to do.

Adventus Piano Software This software teaches piano and theory with a keyboard that plugs into your computer. Much cheaper than paying a private teacher. Emily does her practicing without complaining now!

Essentials in Writing Grade 7 photo EIW7thgrade_zps7e459c7d.jpg

Essentials in Writing Teaches grammar and writing with videos. Each writing assignment is broken down into bite sized pieces so the child is not overwhelmed.



King Alfred’s English is a fascinating look at where our English language came from. Throughout the year, I’m continually reminded about something I learned of word origins or of British history from this book.




Lightning Literature is a great literature, grammar, and writing program for 7th grade and up.

math essentials


No Nonsense Algebra also uses short videos to introduce each day’s lesson. The program has good explanations, plenty of practice, and daily review.



Homeschool Spanish Academy offers online Spanish lessons with a live teacher using Skype.

We’re either still using these curricula or have finished them. I’m looking forward to seeing what review surprises I’ll have next year!

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