Tuesday, May 14, 2013

High School Prep Genius (Schoolhouse Review)

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Are you nervous about preparing your son or daughter for high school or college? Wondering how to prepare for those admissions tests, or which classes or activities he or she should have on a transcript? How to help your child learn better study skills or make decisions about his or her future path in life?  High School Prep Genius  ($29.95) covers all of this and more.
High School Prep Genius is a hefty 440 page book published by College Prep Genius, and written for middle school and high school students. The book itself is written to the student, but each chapter has a parent section as well.  There are three sections:
  1. Foundation For Personal Success: This section helps the student to think about his or her interests, beliefs, and values. It also offers valuable advice on improving relationships and managing finances.  Many of the chapters include  questions for the student to answer.
  2. Foundation for Academic Success: This section focuses on helping the young person become a better student, from discussing the value of obtaining a good education to teaching effective study strategies to test taking strategies to organization.
  3. Foundation for Future Success: This final section is most appropriate for older high school students and focuses on choosing a college, preparing for admissions tests, college applications, paying for college, and adjusting to life away from home.

The lengthy introduction to High School Prep Genius includes helpful charts and forms for keeping track of summer activities, scholarships, college applications, and to-do checklists for each year of middle school and high school.

I am very impressed with this book. I think it is an excellent guide for any student who wants to take high school work seriously and reach his or her potential, especially for those who plan to attend college.  Emily is just now finishing the 7th grade and I think this is a perfect time for her to begin reading this book and applying the principles. She has enjoyed the early sections on personal development as she thinks about making good choices in the areas of personal responsibility, financial management, and relationships with others. As she nears high school age, I think the tips on study skills will be invaluable.

Emily reports that she is finding the book interesting to read. She especially likes the questions at the ends of the chapters because they help her understand herself better and to apply the topics.

 High School Prep Genius is a book that we will keep on our shelf and pull out to use frequently throughout the next few years. It is packed with useful information and good helps for success in high school and for college preparation.


I received a free copy of this product in exchange for my honest review.

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