Wednesday, December 19, 2012

O is for Ornaments

I’m jumping back into Blogging Through the Alphabet with Marcy at  “Ben and Me.” Since this is “O” week, Ornaments is the logical choice!
I’ve been collecting ornaments since I was in college…about 30 years ago, so we have quite a few by now. So many, in fact, that they don’t all fit on the tree. Or at least so many that we’re tired of decorating before we get to the bottom of the boxes!
Some of my very favorite ornaments are angels. In fact, a couple of years, I even put up a second small tree with an angel theme.
We made each of these as gifts a few years ago…

We  have a golf tee angel…
And as Alabamians, we even have a cotton boll angel!
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  1. My mom has a cotton boll angel on her tree to remind her of the years we lived in Oklahoma.


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