Thursday, October 4, 2012

Safe Glow Dog Collar (Review)

When I first heard about the Safe Glow Dog Collar, a product of Dog Training Collars, I thought it sounded like a great idea. I often see joggers or bicyclists wearing reflective clothing for safety, so extending this idea to dogs seemed like a great idea.

Our dog, Macy, is black, so at night, she totally disappears into the blackness when I let her out. This makes me nervous when I let her out into the front yard. She’s good about staying close, but I like to be able to stand at the door to watch her (especially if it’s cold or rainy and I don’t want to stand outside myself!

The Safe Glow dog collar ($29.95 retail value) is made of wear-resistant nylon and houses a flexible, light-transmitting polymer core that illuminates when the collar is turned on. A reflective stripe adds additional safety by providing passive reflectivity. The collar is powered by a super-efficient (100,000 hour) LED bulb. An easy to push button turns it on. There are three different settings—a steady on and 2 different flash patterns.

The Safe Glow collar comes in several different colors. We received a green collar. When turned off, it is a pretty lime green. When turned on, it is a very bright neon green.  Although the size chart recommended a size large for cocker spaniels, I was skeptical of the sizing and ordered a medium instead. I’m glad I did. My small (17 lb.) cocker was almost too small for the medium collar. I had to cinch it in as far as it would go. I think that even a size small would have been better.  (Her neck measures 11 inches, which is just at the dividing point between small and medium.) That makes me think that this product might not fit toy dogs. I also think that the 1 inch collar width would be too wide for very small dogs (assuming that the small collar is also 1” wide.)  However, it is perfect for medium to large sizes—just measure your dog’s neck before ordering!

We’ve been using the Safe Glow dog collar for a couple of weeks now and I am very happy with its performance. It makes Macy easy to spot in the dark and makes her visible during evening walks.

This is the collar in daytime use:



Here is Macy outside in the yard at night. Basically, all you can see is the glowing collar!


I think that the Safe Glow dog collar will be a useful purchase for many people and their pets.

Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for my  honest review.

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