Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why Can’t Christians Be More Like Bikers?

imageLast weekend, at the Women of Faith conference in Atlanta, Lisa Harper told of an experience she had while riding her motorcycle in Colorado. She was all alone on a lonely mountain road when she sighted a group of deer clustered by the highway. She pulled her bike off to the side of the road and just stood for a while, enjoying watching the deer and admiring God’s creation. As she stood there, a big, burly biker pulled up beside her. Very close beside her! As she started to panic, he asked, “Are you OK, Ma’am?

She replied that she was fine.

He asked, “Is your bike OK?”

She assured him that she was just fine and had just stopped to admire the view. After assuring himself that she was fine, he zoomed away. A few minutes later, another lone biker stopped to see if she needed help.

Lisa was impressed with the concern these intimidating-looking men had for a fellow biker.  She made the point that—How much more should we Christians be caring for each other? Do WE have the reputation of being there for each other? When we are in distress, do we have the assurance that our brothers and sisters in Christ will be there for us? And if not, why not?

What if the world saw us like that?


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