Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School

Today was our first official day of school for the year. Unfortunately, not a great day. It started well. Emily opened her traditional “back to school” gifts—some fun patterned mechanical pencils and 6th grade Brain Quest cards.


She zipped through her math and Wordly Wise assignments. Next was science—what I thought would be a fun experiment book on Light. She tried to breeze through the 2 experiments without reading the directions carefully, requiring me to read them to her and enforce that she actually perform them correctly. By this time, her attitude was sinking fast. When she gets angry and stubborn, nothing will get accomplished. After a short break, we sat down to read our devotional, but I abandoned that when she stubbornly refused to discuss the lesson. I was set to start our Beyond Five in Row study (Cricket in Times Square), but decided to put it off until she showed a better mood.


We picked back up after lunch and completed everything with a better attitude.

I’m hoping tomorrow goes better!

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  1. BTDT!! Last year our first day of school was a nightmare because my youngest ds behaved monstorously bad. I was miserable - so I blogged about it.

    I hope your second day goes better!!


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