Tuesday, August 16, 2011

God Works Through Brokenness

One of the wonderful speakers that I was privileged to hear last weekend at the Women of Faith conference was Nicole Johnson. We were treated to two of her powerful dramas—one about the many roles we women juggle and one about the “invisible woman.” She also told more of her personal story than she has done before at WOF.


She described how her life had been broken through divorce, leaving her feeling like she was unable to be of use to God. But she came to understand that , just as coffee beans must be picked and handled and roasted before they are of value, we too must often go through the fire before we can be all that God has planned for us.

It is through our brokenness that God can make so much more of our lives.  Nothing in God’s economy is ever wasted!

I know this is true in my life. I am in a broken place right now and have been for several years. I would have never chosen to be here. But I wouldn’t trade the spiritual blessings that have come from this situation for anything. My prayer life has grown; I have more compassion for others; I have learned to trust in God as my provider. I have learned that He is enough!  I am so blessed to hear the testimonies of other women that have suffered so much more than I have, yet survived to tell of God’s love. God is truly using them to do His kingdom work.

Nicole also discussed the anger that women so often feel and display. What triggers our anger is seldom the actual cause. We need to ask ourselves what the issue really is—powerlessness? anger at God?  Good food for thought here, as well.


Angie Smith (at her third WOF event ever) shared the difficult story of her baby’s death.  She, too, shared that “pain is not wasted in the Kingdom of God.” She talked about Peter walking on water. Although he sank, when he lost focus on Jesus, as he was going under the water, he reached out his hand to the only One who could save him. Sometimes in life, we are so broken, that is all we can do—to muster together just enough energy to reach for Jesus. And that is enough!


Laura Story shared her wonderful music with us, including one of my favorites, “Mighty to Save.” She too had a story of God’s mercy, comfort, and sovereignty as she shared about her husband’s ordeal with brain cancer only one year  into their marriage. Several years later, he has still not fully recovered, but she continues to look toward God instead of circumstances.


I am so thankful for these women who are willing to share their stories and pain. And I am even more thankful to God, who holds each of us in His hands and will never ever let go.


Thank you to BookSneeze and Women of Faith for providing me with free tickets to this event!


  1. How great! I love Laura Story's new song "Blessings." It sounds like it was a real blessing for you to be able to attend!

  2. We loved the same speakers. LOL I am reading Angie Smith's new book, What women fear. You have got to read it. It is amazing. Also, I bought Nicole's DVD's on the WOF website a couple of weeks ago when everything was 1/2 off. Can't wait to watch them. God Bless.

    Vising from the crew.


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