Monday, November 1, 2010

Navigator’s Topical Memory System (Review)


I have put effort into memorizing scripture off and on throughout the years. I have a hard time memorizing, though, and I now know bits, pieces, and paraphrases of many verses. I’m glad that I do, and it has been beneficial to me to have God’s word in my heart, but I have always wished for a more consistent method to commit verses to memory.

When I saw the Topical Memory System, I was eager to try it. Although the Topical Memory System has been around for a number of years, it was new to me.

The core of the system is a set of 60 memory verses printed on cards. I especially like that each of these 60 verses is printed in six different Bible translations, enabling the user to choose his or her preferred translation. I like the NIV, so that is what I am using. There is also a book that explains the system and meditation guides for each of the 60 verses and a vinyl holder for the cards being studied.

The verses are ordered and arranged by topic. For example, the first two verses are under the topic, “Christ the Center.”  The next topic is “Obedience to Christ.” It is suggested that two verses be memorized each week, with four days devoted to memorizing the topic, reference, and verses and three days devoted to meditation on the verses and studying them in context.

So far, I am enjoying using the Topical Memory system and am finding it effective. I’ve learned six verses so far and am moving onward. It actually has seemed rather effortless! I’m looking forward to continuing the system and am hopeful that I will eventually make it through all 60 verses.

I received this item free from NavPress in exchange for my honest review.

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