Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

We put most of our Christmas decorations up over Thanksgiving weekend. I love Christmas and Christmas décor so much that I like to put it all up early and leave it up into January! Allison and Katie were home for Thanksgiving weekend, so I took advantage of their help. All went smoothly except for a bit of conflict over hanging the outdoor wreathes. (The guilty parties will be left unnamed!)



We didn’t get to the tree over the weekend, so Emily and I decorated it last night and had a lovely time doing so. I love all our ornaments and the memories they bring back, from heirloom glass balls inherited from my grandmother to the cross stitched and other ornaments that I crafted the first year Chris and I were married to the sweet decorations the children made when they were small.













I usually put up lights around our front porch area, but may skip that this year. That’s one task no one else volunteers to help with and it’s a hassle to turn the lights on and off every night (or to fiddle with the timer when it frequently malfunctions). Since finances are tight right now, I think the energy savings would be wise as well. The kids used to love the outdoor lights (and want more), but I don’t think anyone but me cares any more.

The house is feeling so warm and homey now. One of my favorite holiday activities  in the evenings when the house is quiet  is to sit in the living room in the dark except for the tree lights. Just a quiet time to pray, think, and relax after a busy day.


  1. Aww! I just love Christmas decorations! Yours looks great! I can't wait to put ours up. I know what you mean about the outdoor lights though. We used to put them up, but I hardly have time to put the tree up now. Haha! Anyways, I just enjoyed looking at your pictures and thought I'd let you know. : )

  2. They look great. I usually do mine the day after Thanksgiving, but was way to tired. I'm doing everything this weekend. Love all the photos and the memories of the ornaments!


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