Friday, November 19, 2010

God’s Mighty Acts in Creation (Review)


God’s Mighty Acts in Creation, by Starr Meade, is a devotional book for children based on each of the six creation days. For each topic, the author strives to convey not only the wonder of God’s creation, but how each element of creation is used and discussed elsewhere in scripture and even times when the God’s rules for that creation are suspended miraculously.

Chapters 2 through 12 focus on light and water. Various devotions address—the woman at the well, God causing an axe head to float on water for Elijah, Jesus as the “light of the world,” the sprinkling of water to cleanse us from our sins, the magnificent power of the oceans that are still under God’s command, and the plague of darkness over Egypt. Personal anecdotes, lessons from the world around us, and Bible passages all reinforce the concepts.

For example, Chapter 9 discusses God’s control over light and darkness and how He suspended natural laws to send the plague of darkness over Egypt. The author explains how this plague particularly mocked Pharaoh because Pharaoh was considered to be one with the sun god, Ra and how the three days of darkness showed his lack of power. Verses from the book of Job are also included that emphasize  God’s power over light and darkness.

Emily and I are currently working through another devotional book together, so I gave her this one to read independently. She says, “I love it because it’s more serious than the other devotions I’ve read. This one gives you Bible verses to look up and explains points better. It teaches me more about God. I also like the questions and activities. I wish it were thicker!”

I am impressed with how “meaty” this book is. Although written for children and families, it contains solid theology and is thought-provoking and meaningful for me as well. For families and young people that are serious about growing in knowledge and faith, this book is an excellent choice!

I received this book free through Crossway’s Book Review program. All opinions are my own.

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