Thursday, September 9, 2010

Molly Teaches About Emergency Preparedness

Can you live for a month or more on the stores from your pantry and freezer?

Does your family have a fire escape plan?

Do you have emergency winter supply kit for your car?


The September theme for Molly’s Digest is Emergency Preparedness, so this issue is full of handy lists and instructions on that subject.

The “Begin With the Basics” article this month features ground beef—how to buy, cook, and store it. Ground beef has always been one of our staples, but it has actually only been in the past few years that I thought of cooking a large batch at one time, then storing it in the freezer. It is so quick to zip up a batch of spaghetti or tacos for a quick meal when the meat is already cooked! The article expands on this concept with recipes for seasoned ground beef and meatballs to freeze ahead.

The “Something Old, Something New” article, as always, was great—melting old candles into new canning jar or mug candles. Again, something I already do, but I learned some ways to improve my technique and make them prettier. This, of course, tied into the Emergency Preparedness theme as well, since candles are an important thing to have on hand in case of power outages!

Molly’s September Digest also includes recipes, calendars, home organization pages and more. It can be purchased at the Old Schoolhouse Story for $4.95. A Molly’s membership is only $3.95 a month and includes additional free resources.

I received Molly’s Digest free for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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