Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bathroom Remodel

When Allison arrived home in August for a 5 week stay, she asked if she could replace the dirty, worn-out bathmats in the kid’s bathroom. Knowing that she hated the bathroom decor, I suggested that she remodel the whole bathroom. She loved the idea and came up with a plan. It turned out that she was so busy working (med. school family practice rotation) that I did all the work! She served as the interior decorator and  pretty much chose the colors and decor, while I provided the labor!


Dated green wallpaper, cream and navy curtains, seashell decor, rusty brass light fixture and tarnished brass drawer pulls, chrome towel holders and faucet—We never quite realized how mis-matched this bathroom was!





We replaced the light fixture, drawer pulls, towels, bathmats, and curtains and painted the walls yellow and the woodwork and cabinets white. Everything is in a black, white and chrome color scheme. The bathmats did get replaced, and are black. (Ignore that woman behind the curtain!)

I was pretty proud of myself for changing out the light fixture without a glitch. I’m pretty competent at wallpapering and painting, but  am generally inept at any kind of “fixing” and electrical work.

It looks so much bigger and brighter now!






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