Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fun with Farmer Boy

We’re kicking off our school year with a Prairie Primer unit on Farmer Boy, by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Some of the most fun activities we’ve done so far have been the cooking. If you have read Farmer Boy, you may remember that there is a lot of emphasis on food!

We loved these dishes:

Apples and Onions


Bird’s Nest Pudding—whole apples, stuffed with brown sugar and baked in a pudding-like crust. Mmmmm.



Popcorn and Milk

This may have been the most fun. Almanzo’s favorite way to eat popcorn was to take a full cup of milk and a full cup of popcorn and to drop the popcorn into the milk. It really worked! The entire cup of popcorn fit into the cup of milk without spillage.

The milk-soaked popcorn tasted like puffed corn cereal. Actually not bad!




  1. that is some strange food (except maybe the baked apples). but these days, strange food is good...

  2. My children loved all of the food being talked about in 'Farmer Boy' when we read it 2 yrs ago. I searched high and low to find an apple corer to make the bird's nest pudding. Yummy memories :D


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