Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Day of School!

We began our new school year today.  We started with our traditional “first day of school” surprise. For many years, I have wrapped up some school supplies, educational computer game, or some other goody. This year, Emily received some personalized notebooks and labels (compliments of Frecklebox and Mabel’s Labels—Reviews and giveaways coming soon!) and a deck of Brain Quest cards.


And of course, we took our traditional “first day of school” photo!

DSC084655th Grade

We had a very full day. I may be trying to pack too much in. :) I’ll see how things go in the next week and reevaluate our schedule. Unfortunately, we also started with a temper tantrum about taking her fish oil that got the day off to a bad start. Things did improve after that. We began our new Prairie Primer unit. I chose Farmer Boy because I thought we hadn’t read that one yet, then realized after I started reading that I had read it to Emily already! Oops. She said she still wanted to continue with that book, though. It’s been a couple of years, so I expect she doesn’t remember most of the story. We discussed the chapters, then Emily labeled New York on a map and drew a picture/diagram of the Wilder barns and barnyard.

She also did some Mathletics instead of written math, which she always likes, did a lesson on simple machines from Switched on Schoolhouse science, and began her new Igniting Your Writing and Word Roots workbooks. We studied Monet using the Meet the Masters curriculum and she created an impressionist-style painting.



  1. I hate when fish oil ruins a perfectly good day. =) I really appreciate that you wrote about re-evaluating! SO IMPORTANT!

    thanks for linking up today
    The Homeschool Village

  2. My Emily is starting 5th grade this year too! We will start up in a couple of weeks.

    Have a great school year!


  3. Oh, you had me at Farmer Boy! LIW fan! :) And I so value the "real"ness of your post! Thank you! May your year be outstanding!


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