Monday, August 23, 2010

A Day in Our Homeschool

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I am a person that thrives on organization. Emily is very distractible and I have found that structure helps keep her on track. Last year, I “discovered” workboxes and we have used this system in our home school very successfully. Each night, I place Emily’s work in her boxes and she moves through them in sequence. I try to make some of the tasks very quick—5-10 minutes, to help her feel successful and I try to include a fun activity, such as a game, puzzle or craft. I have found that using workboxes helps me actually get to many of those fun activities that we never seemed to have time for before. A few of the tasks require my assistance, but many are done independently.
I work/play on the computer and do some basic housecleaning, or run a load or two of laundry while Emily is doing her independent work, but am close at hand if she needs help.
Our schedule varies from day to day—we don’t do Spanish, spelling, vocabulary, Bible study or creative/report writing every day of the week-- but here is a typical schedule:
-Speedy Spanish lesson
-Singapore Primary Math (5) 1-2 lessons
-All About Spelling
-Igniting Your Writing (Creative writing)
-K’nex Simple Machines study
-Meet the Masters art
-Piano practice
-Prairie Primer—reading, discussion and hand-on activities
On a really good day, schoolwork lasts from 9:00 to 12:00. Then I read to Emily during lunch. Right now, we are reading Farmer Boy and doing some follow up activities from Prairie Primer.
On a not-so-good day, one with lots of distractions or melt-downs, Emily may have an hour or two (or more!) work left for the afternoon.
After lunch, Emily goes to her room and reads for an hour. I then have the chance to either sit and read myself,  to catch up on some computer work or to get (Super Star Speech) packages ready for mailing.
What is a day in your homeschool like? Write about it and link up at the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop.



  1. I used to have that exact cart!!! And I am using workboxes this year too. Wish I could afford 5 carts for my 5 students this is on my wish list for the future. Do you find those boxes are the right size for most workbook/textbooks?

  2. I like reading about your workboxes -- I do a very modified workbox and like it, but I want to expand!

  3. Lily, I love the cart for my workboxes, although I'm glad I only had to buy one! The drawers are a good size--just big enough to fit a 1 inch binder.

  4. We used the Prarie Primer last year. Very fun. We worked through Little House in the Big Woods. Snow candies in the winter and homemade butter.... Great activities. Have fun!

  5. You are the second homeschooling mom I have visited today that uses the "workbox" system. Sounds like a neat would you keep several children orgainzed using this system (storage wise)? Just curious. Anyway, thanks for sharing your homeschooling was nice visiting you.

    Blessings this year ~

  6. With several children, you would need a workbox system for each one. That can take a lot of space, but I've seen some creative variations on the concept, such as using magazine holders on a shelf or file boxes. Sheri at has a lot of great workbox ideas and links.


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