Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bed Shopping

My 20 year old son moved out on his own last year and the first thing I did was fix up the room. Let me tell you, it needed some major fixing up! I patched the holes in the walls, pulled off the raggedy wallpaper, scrubbed the carpet, and repainted. I moved a desk from our bedroom into the room and the room has since served as a guest room, sewing room, and even an office for dh  when he was here for a month last summer.

The one thing I have yet to replace is the bed. The one in there now is a captain’s bed—useful for extra storage, but very scratched up. The drawer supports are broken, leaving the drawer sticking out at an odd angle when closed. (John Michael is actually back home for a couple of months right now, thus the trashed appearance of the room—I’m anticipating getting my sewing/guest room back in a couple of weeks.)


So, I’ve been looking around at the  twin beds at CSNstores.com. Here are some that I really like—all in the $3-500 range, which seems very reasonable. There are 760 twin beds to choose from at the site! Actually, I want the second one in a queen size for my own room!

image image image



  1. I like the one on the right!! PRETTY!


  2. I love the trundle idea. I think we're going to do that in one of our college sons' rooms. We got a Murphy bed in one son's room and it's been great. Looks like an office in there till we fold down the bed.

    How has your son reacted to redecorating and changing "his room"? That's always interesting...!

  3. He's pretty oblivious, I think! Once you decorate by throwing your clothes all over the floor, it's all pretty much the same.

    A Murphy bed is a fun idea!


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