Tuesday, June 29, 2010

16 Wishes for a Perfect Disney Vacation!


This week’s Destination Disney assignment is to list my 16 wishes for a perfect Disney vacation.

1. The trip would include the whole family. Now that Chris lives in Korea and the older kids are in college and/or working, it is nearly impossible for us all to take a vacation together. Our last Disney trip was just me and the two younger girls. Fun, but not the same.

2. Perfect weather…sunny, but not too hot.

3. No lines! We have actually had some fall trips in the past with very small crowd levels.

4. Staying on site. I love staying in the Fort Wilderness campground. We once stayed at the Yacht Club—It was great fun to walk into Epcot through the back entrance! We are generally “budget hotel” kind of people, so this was a splurge!

5. A five to 7 day trip—plenty of time to see everything without rushing.

6. Mickey Mouse bars or other treats every afternoon.

7. Christmas season—I love Disney decorated for Christmas!

8. Walking a half-empty Magic Kingdom late at night.

9. Riding the monorail.

10. Eating around the “world.” (Epcot)

11.Nighttime at Epcot—the fountains all lit up, the sparkles in the sidewalks—magical!

12. A day at a waterpark. 


(Emily’s ideas)

13. Meeting Mickey Mouse

14. Going on lots of fast roller coasters.

15. Riding Goofy’s Barnstormer

16.Visiting the Coca Cola place at Epcot with the free drinks!

Comment here or visit the Destination Disney Blog Hop to add your own wishes for a perfect Disney vacation!

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