Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mouse House! Instant Challenge

We completed another of Michelle  at Delightful Learning’s  “Instant Challenges” yesterday. This time, Emily was able to convince her creative big sister, Katie (17), to help!

The challenge was to create a room for a mouse using the supplied materials (paper clips, cotton balls, paper cups, cloth, can, mailing labels, envelopes, rubber band, paper bag, and paper plate). The time limit was 5 minutes. The girls then had 2 minutes to explain their creation.

The girls worked surprisingly well together. I was ordered to leave the room, but I didn’t hear any squabbling and they ended up with a finished product, so they must have cooperated, right??

They went over the time limit a bit, finishing in about 7 minutes.

Here is the finished bedroom for a mouse:


Here are some views with the roof removed, showing the wardrobe (a disassembled envelope stabilized with a paper clip and mailing label), nightstand, and bed (paper cup with blankets and pillows made from the cotton ball and labels.) Pretty good for a 7 minute project!


DSC07922Thanks to Michelle for another fun idea!

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