Monday, February 15, 2010

Math Mammoth

image Math Mammoth offers a complete math curriculum for grades 1 to 5.  The company also offers topical worktexts and books of supplementary worksheets. I was given the opportunity to review the Light Blue (complete curriculum) 4th grade and received my copy in e-book form.
The Light Blue Series:
-covers grades 1-5
- is mastery-oriented
-emphasizes conceptual development in a logical sequence
-practically self-teaching—only a little teacher involvement needed
My Thoughts:
I am highly impressed with the Math Mammoth curriculum.  Each lesson begins with clear explanations and worked sample problems for the concept being introduced or practiced. The scope and sequence is broad, and the lessons are varied from day to day. There is a strong emphasis on mental math, word problems are used extensively, and each chapter concludes with a review lesson.
I will mention that we have had quite a few frustrating days and even meltdowns with Math Mammoth. The program does require children to think. You won’t see pages of very similar problems here. Instead, you will find multi-step work problems that are each different and that require children to truly understand what they are doing. Emily found this quite challenging at times, but I think it was good for her.
Also, although review lessons are included, the daily lessons are arranged by topic. If your child requires daily review (like Saxon provides), Math Mammoth may not meet your needs.
I have used many math curriculums over the years with all four children—seven, I think, including this one—and would rate Math Mammoth in the top two.  I really like math programs that teach kids how to think and that teach them different ways to look at problems and this fits the bill.
I think Math Mammoth is a fairly advanced program, so if you are interested in trying it out, be sure to look at the sample lessons on their website and have your child take the placement test. A complete one-year course sells for $29.70 for the download version.  A print version is also available for slightly more. To check out Math Mammoth further, sign up for the “Math Mammoth Tour,” which includes 280 free worksheets and sample pages and a series of seven emails that explain Math Mammoth. Also, read more reviews of Math Mammoth at the TOS Homeschool Crew blog.
I received this fourth grade curriculum free from Math Mammoth in exchange for my honest review.

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