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Kinderbach is an online music and piano instruction program for 2 to 7 year olds. Emily is 9, so she is outside of the recommended age range, but I had her go through the program to check it out. The entire program, which costs $95.88   for a one year subscription or $19.99 per month, includes 60 lessons. Throughout the 22 hours of video and interactive coloring pages, children will learn about the Grand Staff clefs, play simple songs, rhythm notes and their beat value, hand and finger position and staff note reading by pattern.

I found Kinderbach to be very child friendly and fun. I loved the way concepts were explained and practiced in a pressure-free manner. The lessons were very short—Emily typically did a week’s worth in one sitting. Of course, a younger child would go through the material more slowly, possibly doing each lesson more than one time. The presentation reminded me of Blue’s Clues or Dora the Explorer, so if your kids enjoy these shows, then they are probably just the right age to benefit from Kinderbach.


As children watch the brief videos in each lesson, the children  are encouraged to play along, using rhythm instruments, a keyboard, and coloring pages that are printed from the site.

Emily enjoyed using Kinderbach and I think that it reinforced her beginning piano skills. It was obviously geared toward preschoolers, though, so I would not recommend it for children over 7. I would have LOVED access to this when she was three or four, though! I think the annual subscription is an excellent value and would be a great introduction to music for any preschooler as well as providing a nice head start for future piano lessons. 

If you are interested in Kinderbach, you may use the code, “KBFriends” for a 10% discount.

 I received a three month subscription to Kinderbach in return for my honest review. Also, I just joined the Kinderbach affiliate program, but that in no way affected my review.

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