Thursday, December 10, 2009

Instant Challenge—Cup Holder

Emily attempted another of Delightful Learning’s Instant Challenges this week.  Her task was to design and build a structure that would hold 2 cups off the table as high and as far apart as possible in seven minutes.

The materials she had to work with were:

2 chenille stems

5 penniesDSC07645

1 piece of paper

3 mailing labels

6 straws

2 paper clips

1 piece of foil

1 envelope


She eagerly set to work…DSC07647

She made a framework from the straws, using the mailing labels to hold them to the foil, wedged an upside down cup over them, then balanced the second cup on top.

Ta da!!


She scored herself:

0/10 points for finishing on time (It took her 10 minutes.)

10/20 points for creative use of materials

16 points for inches off the table (one cup was 6 inches and one was 10 inches high)

0 points for separation of cups

  0/10 teamwork N/A

If you visit Delightful Learning, you can see how others completed this project and try it for yourself!


  1. She did well!! I love it:) I tried to tape the straws to the foil & had absolutely no luck:)Please tell her we were impressed. I get a kick out of what the kids do--especially when they are working alone!

  2. Great job, Emily! Fun to see what you did and have you participate. *Ü*


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