Monday, December 14, 2009

Instant Challenge—Leaning Tower

Emily attempted another of Delightful Learning’s Instant Challenges today. Her task was to build a tower that leans against the wall within the 5 minute time limit.  Her leaning tower had to be as high and as far from the wall as possible. The materials she was allowed to used were:

20 toothpicks

3 mailing labels

6 straws








First, she made a basic structure of straws, using the mailing labels as tape.







Then she tried to lengthen the tower.


She discovered that she could stuff toothpicks into the straws to attach two straws together.

DSC07672She took 8 minutes to complete the project.  The tower was 19 inches from the floor (38 points) and 7.5 inches from the wall (13 points). She gave herself 15/30 points for “creative use of materials” for a total of 66 points.

If you visit Delightful Learning, you can see how others completed this project and try it for yourself!

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