Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Virginia Soaps and Scents

As a TOS Crew member, I received a sampling of soaps from Virginia Soaps and Scents.  Emily brought in the mail the day it arrived, exclaiming, “Mommy, you got a package and it smells really good!” I knew immediately that this was going to be a fun review!


Virginia Soaps and Scents is a family owned business.  The  soapmaking venture began as a homeschool project and soon evolved into a full business. The Spargur family handles all aspects of the operation, from recipe design to production to website management to printing of the product packaging.

One of the first things that I learned from reading VSS literature is that most of what we call soap is actually detergent. VSS produces true soap, made with olive, coconut and other oils.

The products I received included three bars of Signature Scents Soap, a Shampoo Bar, and a Laundry soap kit.

Signature Scents Soap

The three varieties that I received were Fresh Orange,  Oatmeal, Milk and Honey, and Coconut Lemongrass. Honestly, I cannot pick a favorite. I love them all! They smell scrumptious and are pretty as well! The bars lather up nicely, but are harder than typical commercial bars, so they don’t get gooey and dissolve quickly if they are kept in a good soap dish. I love how soft my skin feels when I use it, too! VSS makes over twenty varieties of soap, including some Christmas scents (peppermint, wild bayberry, and pumpkin spice) and gourmet varieties, which are beautiful and would make great gifts! 4.5 ounce soap bars sell for $4.50 (or slightly less if three or more bars are purchased). 1.75 oz bars are also available.

Shampoo Bar

I had never heard of a shampoo bar until this arrived and tried it with some trepidation. I tested the Ginger Lime scent. I rubbed it over my head several times and it lathered up well. My hair felt a little bit sticky after I rinsed. I wasn’t sure if it was a “squeaky clean” feel or a coated feel. After it was dry on the first day, I didn’t notice any difference between it and my usual shampoo. The next few times I used it, my hair looked nice, but had a “coated” feel—kind of oily, but not dirty.  Katie (17) tried the shampoo bar and didn’t like it at all, saying it made her wet hair feel “rubbery and unworkable.” After it was dry, she said her hair felt as if she had used conditioner and hadn’t rinsed it out. I do like it fairly well for Emily (9), who has very thick hair and tends to have a constant “sweaty-head” smell. It cleaned her hair very well.

The 5.5 ounce shampoo bar sells for $5.50.

Laundry Soap Kit

Virginia Soaps and Scents also produces a laundry soap kit, which consists of grated soap, borax, and washing soda, complete with instructions in how to mix up your own gel. It was quick and easy to prepare and would cost less than 7 cents a load to use.  We have been using it this week and are happy with the results—it seems to work  just as well as commercial detergent. The kit, which makes a 2 gallon recipe, sells for 4.95.

VSS also sells shaving bars, all-in-one bars (Wouldn’t these be great for traveling?), and various lotions and scrubs in all kinds of “yummy” scents.

I highly recommend  Virginia Soaps and Scents and can’t wait to try some more varieties. They would make great Christmas gifts as well!

I received these products free for review purposes.


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  1. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who didn't find the shampoo bar to be a hit. So many people seem to love it.

    It was nice to get soap to review as a change of pace. I really liked the laundry detergent, and it was the product I was least excited about.


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