Monday, October 26, 2009

Junior Miss Competition


Katie recently surprised us by stating that she wanted to compete in our county’s Junior Miss competition. This was entDSC07551irely new territory for us, but she launched into the process with enthusiasm and had a good time. Ultimately, she ended up winning the talent competition and being named Second Runner up (with a $1300 scholarship prize—Yay!) Her talent was quite creative—she played a musical piece she had composed herself on the violin and accompanied herself (recorded) on the piano!

   IMG_3706   DSC07550IMG_3714 IMG_3717





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  1. WOW, that is so cool-congrats to your daughter! I am surprised tho that she could function in the "real world" and "socialize" like that-being she is homeschooled and all (I am totally joking and poking fun at the dumb assumptions out there)....seriously tho-that is awesome!


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