Monday, October 5, 2009

Bible Charts and Maps


We usually study history and the Bible as two separate subjects, making it difficult for children (and adults) to visualize how the two intersect. We have our children memorize dates in world history, but we seldom have access to even approximate dates in Biblical history. What was happening in the rest of the world when Solomon was king? Or during the time of Jonah?

A few years ago, when I used Diana Waring’s materials to study world history with my older children, we started to mesh some of the World history events with Biblical history events and found it fascinating! Both made more sense and our understanding of the Bible was deepened by knowing what else was happening in the world.

So when I received The Amazing Bible History Timeline to review, I immediately realized what a cool item this was. This complete world and Bible timeline is compressed into a 37” by 45” wall chart. Definitely a large-sized poster, but much smaller than a traditional wall timeline with this much information would be.

The timeline is laid out in a unique circular fashion and color coded by the people groups stemming from the sons of Noah (Shem, Ham, and Japheth). The history of the Catholic Church and the Reformation are also color coded. Did you know that Abraham lived at the same time that the great pyramid of Cheops was probably built and the same time that the silkworm industry began in China? Fascinating!

The writing is quite small on the timeline, however, requiring the viewer to get very close to read it. Also, don't expect to find every major event in world history here. The timeline just isn't big enough for that.

The Amazing Bible History Timeline is printed on durable card stock with a “scuff coat varnish” and sells for $29.97. I think that this will be a valuable resource for both Bible study and when we study world history in a year or two. As a bonus, each purchase comes with a free download of “Interactive Maps of the Holy Land” and a digital version of the Amazing Bible History Timeline for viewing on the computer. The Interactive Maps work like transparencies, allowing the viewer to see the boundaries of the Holy Land at different points in time, or even to superimpose one time frame onto another—a very useful tool!

Many Crew members had issues with the accuracy and religious slant of this item. Please visit the TOS Crew to read more.

I received this item free for review purposes.

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