Friday, November 4, 2016

Five Minute Friday—Journey

5 minutes of pondering on the topic of “journey”…


Life is a journey. A long, winding one with unexpected twists and turns.

When I plan a trip somewhere, the first thing I do is plan. I read the guidebooks, research on the internet. I make an itinerary, reservations, and notes about what to see and do. I pack carefully, thinking about what I might need. Because of all this planning, things usually work about more or less according to schedule. I may forget to pack something or have minor car trouble along the way or catch a cold, but the trip turns out more or less as planned.

To me, the word journey somehow seems to connote a more difficult or longer experience than a trip. I think of winding paths, uphill struggles, and coasting down the easy parts. I think that’s more like life. I like to think I can plan everything out (and would love to do so), but life takes unexpected turns that I can’t plan for—some wonderful detours, and some more difficult times as well. But doesn’t that really make life better and richer and more interesting?

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