Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Find Your Brave (Review)


Are you a brave person? Do you have the courage to stand strong, or even just to survive through life’s storms? Life can be tough. Difficult relationships, illness, death, financial troubles… the list goes on and on. And if you are like me, you don’t always handle these trials well.

I just finished reading, Find Your Brave: Courage to Stand Strong When the Waves Crash In, by Holly Wagner. As we know, trials are a part of this life, but Wagner’s book is a source of encouragement while facing hardship. She addresses letting go of baggage, like disappointment, forgiveness, and fear, that holds us back. She teaches that courage is a choice, how to anchor ourselves in a storm, and gathering our strength from God rather than our own power. There is even a chapter on dealing with storms that we create ourselves (and we are good at that!)

I found this to be an inspiring book that would be especially helpful to women who are under a lot of stress or who are going through difficult trials. I appreciated the reminders of truths that I know, such as God is in control and found some new ideas as well for dealing with difficult times and people. Stories and verses from scripture as well as personal anecdotes illustrated the principles well and kept it interesting.

The author, Holly Wagner, is an author, international speaker and the co-pastor of Oasis Church in Los Angeles, California. She is also the founder of GodChicks—a thriving organization devoted to encouraging and equipping women around the globe to rise out of their darkest moments and live with intentionality, hope and divine purpose. Her previous books include GodChicks, Awakened, Love Works, and WarriorChicks.

I received a free copy of this book from Waterbrook Multomah and Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest opinion.

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