Friday, April 8, 2016

Communication Skills Bundle (Free!)



As a speech pathologist and a homeschooling mother, the topic of communications is dear to my heart. This bundle of mini-ebooks focus on several different areas of communication, for struggling learners to gifted children.

E-Book #1:Just How Important Are Communication Skills Anyway? By JoJo Tabares

Don’t let the words speech and debate scare you! With 20 years’ experience and a degree in speech communication, Mrs. Tabares shares some essential insights that could help you.

Here’s a hint of what you’ll discover among the pages of this WeE-book™ . . .

  • Learn from President Ronald Reagan—The Great Communicator.
  • Effective communication assists professional success.
  • Which skills are needed for personal achievement?
  • How do good communication skills affect learning?
  • Successful families need effective communication skills!
  • Communication courses: the Say What You Mean series. Learn more . . .


E-Book #2:  Play What You Mean: Creative Ways to Teach Communication Skills By JoJo Tabares  offers creative ways to make learning communication skills fun. Topics include: 

  • Preschool: What do you see?—How do you play . . . ?—Look at me!
  • Elementary: Talk `n Listen—Find the Ice Cream—Telephone.
  • Junior/Senior High: Feed Me—Invention—Dress Up (no, she’s not kidding)!

E-Book #3: Communication Skills and Your Gifted Child

Is your gifted child somewhat lacking in communication skills? Is she highly emotional and does she have a hard time relating to others? Would you like to help her develop the skills which are so very important for getting along in a world where she already feels “different”? Glean comfort and understanding as you help your child develop the communication skills that are vital to getting along in everyday life. Recognize the problems involved and how to deal with them in the WeE-book™ . . .

You can download the Communication Skills Bundle for free at The Old Schoolhouse Store  if you use the coupon code: “DLCREW16” (valid through April, 2016).

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