Monday, February 29, 2016

The Compassion Experience


We have sponsored children through Compassion for many years. (Our current child, Hermelindo, is 15 and lives in Guatemala.)

Recently, I learned that an exhibit called “The Compassion Experience” was coming to our city. This immersive exhibit allows the participant to experience in a small way the lives of sponsored children. Emily and I took my aunt and my niece to the exhibit and found it very interesting. A trailer was divided into tiny rooms depicting the lives of 2 children in 2 different countries. We were provided headphones and iPods, which featured a narration by each of these former Compassion children (now grown) that told about their lives prior to sponsorship and after sponsorship as we progressed through scenes depicting poverty and hope.

If you ever have the chance to attend The Compassion Experience, I recommend it. (And in case you are concerned about a high pressure experience, the tour ended with a wall covered with photos of children waiting to be sponsored, but there was no pressure at all.)

If you have ever considered sponsoring a child, I highly recommend Compassion International as a fiscally responsible and wonderful organization.




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