Monday, February 22, 2016

Moving Out of my Comfort Zone…Microwave Repair!


My (expensive) over-the-range microwave quit working over a year ago. It would run, but didn’t heat. Some internet research told me that the problem was probably a faulty door sensor, something that could be replaced. However appliance repair is not one of my gifts! I bought an inexpensive counter top microwave that we’ve used for the past year and a half.

This weekend, I decided that I was actually going to tackle the fix-it job (since no one else has cared to do it for me!) With the help of Youtube instructional videos, I dissembled the microwave, tested the three door sensors to locate the bad one, and ordered a new part. A few days later, the replacement part arrived. After reassembling everything, it actually works!


It took me a full afternoon to take the microwave apart and to figure out how to remove the bad part, then another hour to finish the job, but I’m pretty pleased! It can be pretty frustrating to have to live in a falling-apart house with no one to help me after 20 years with a husband who could fix anything. Another small step forward!

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