Thursday, May 7, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Animal Lover!

Out of my 4 children, Emily definitely holds the title of “animal lover.” This is her little parakeet, Kiwi, that she rescued from a neighbor’s garage. He loved to sit on her shoulder as she did her schoolwork. (The parakeet she has now is not very friendly, sadly, and bites her when she tries to play with him.)


Even Katie, who used to be our animal-hater loved Kiwi.


Emily with Macy, as a puppy. Macy is “helping” Emily do her schoolwork. There’s a theme here!


Emily meeting a snake at our school science fair.


We also used to have guinea pigs as pets. They were sweet and cuddly. I miss them except for the cage cleaning! Emily would love to have more pets, but I think two is enough for now!

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