Sunday, May 31, 2015

Blogging Woes

I have been a long time user of Live Writer. I find it easy to compose my posts offline, especially since I may work on a post off and on for days, especially for reviews. I was dismayed to discover earlier this week that suddenly, Live Writer wasn't able to post to Blogger. Google has changed their authentication system, and suddenly Live Writer, which hasn't been updated in several years was not compatible. After considering several options, including composing directly in Blogger; composing in Live Writer, copying the HTML to Blogger, then adding in the pictures manually; and posting from MS Word (still no good because it won't upload pictures in a post), I learned of a simpler solution.
Apparently, I can upload posts through email. This video explains the simple process:  This is a test post, so I'm hoping it will work.
And here is a test photo:

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