Friday, February 27, 2015

Koru Naturals (Schoolhouse Review)

Koru Naturals Review

I had a little fun variation this month in my typical homeschool product reviews as I and other members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew got to try out various products from  Koru Naturals. Koru Naturals specializes in products from New Zealand, including skin care, hair care, and even candles, teas, and honey.


The products I used were Emu Oil ($9.85) and New Zealand Pure and Simple Lanolin Cream ($8.95). I had never heard of Emu Oil before, so I spent a bit of time reading about  its possible uses. Koru Naturals says that Emu Oil is a “powerful moisturizer that penetrates skin and hair very effectively.”  I learned about the possibility of it reducing wrinkles, curing rashes, stimulating hair growth, and relieving pain and inflammation.

My main use of the Emu Oil was as a moisturizer. I discovered that a little oil goes a long way. A  couple of drops were enough to moisturize my face. Just a small amount left my skin feeling very moisturized and soft. Any more would make it shiny. I’ve been using it every morning and evening, and while I haven’t seen any miraculous rejuvenation, my skin has been very soft and well-moisturized, even in the driest time of year. Emily even commented about how soft my face was! I also had a couple of unexpected effects from the Emu oil. My usually pale face seemed to have more color in it and the large pores on my nose have completely disappeared—even when looking in a 10x magnifying mirror. No fancy lotion or wrinkle cream has ever had that effect! I think the price for the Emu Oil is great because this 2 ounce bottle will last a long time. It’s still very full after a month of use.

I also tried the Emu Oil on my hair as a conditioner. I’ve been having trouble lately with very dry damaged ends. Again, just a few drops spread in my palm were enough to make my hair less dry looking. One day I did use too much and my hair looked rather greasy. Since I didn’t need to go out that day, I just left it alone, considering it a more heavy-duty oil treatment and washed it out in the evening.

The Pure and Simple Lanolin Cream was a wonderful hand and foot moisturizer. It had a light, but very pleasant scent and soaked into my skin without leaving it greasy. I really expected a more greasy feel, but it behaved like a high quality lotion. Emily tells me that it made a rash on her neck disappear. We’ve been leaving it out on the kitchen counter for use as needed and with the dry air this time of year, it has been appreciated! I’ve also caught Emily opening it just to sniff because she loves the scent!

I highly recommend both products. Other members of the Crew reviewed different Koru Naturals products, like shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, and Koolpurrie Restoring balm, so be sure to check out their reviews as well!

Koru Naturals Review
I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.

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