Monday, February 23, 2015

Biology: Earthworm Dissection

After months of studying cells and microscopic creatures, we’re finally getting to the study of animals in our biology class. And animal study means….dissection!

Last week, we embarked on our first dissection project, the earthworm. Most students were squeamish, but we fortunately had a few who were willing to jump in. (Note to self: buy gloves before the next project.)

The students all had a turn helping to cut the earthworm and identify its internal parts. Then they made detailed drawings in their lab notebooks.


We had sea stars in our collection of specimens so, although we didn’t have time to do a full dissection, we did have a few minutes to examine the sea star externally and do a very abbreviated dissection. The students found that a sea star is very very hard to cut! I know they enjoyed identifying the external parts with a magnifying glass, though.


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