Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Module 6 has a LOT of vocabulary to learn, so we assembled a felt cell to help the students begin to learn the parts of a cell. I put each part in a labeled zipper bag with its name, had the students take 2 or 3 bags and gave them  5-10 minutes to research the function of “their” parts. Then, as each student placed an organelle on the cell cytoplasm, he or she explained the function of the organelle. When it was assembled, I quizzed them on the name and function of each part and was pleased to see that they did pretty well giving back the information. (Directions for the felt cell can be found at Applie’s Place.

Felt Cell Model Apologia biology


Then we did some more microscope work, looking for and drawing cells from slides of cork and onion (that the students made) and premade slides for hydra, Ranunculus root, and Zea mays root.They weren’t able to see anything on the cork and Ranunculus slides, but made some good drawing for the others.


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