Sunday, December 1, 2013

String Christmas Tree Card Holder

What do you do with the Christmas cards your receive? Throw them in a basket, display them, let them stack up on the counter? For many years, we strung a ribbon around a wide doorway and clipped the cards to it. This displayed them nicely while brightening up our home. In the past few years, we’ve received fewer cards and really haven’t had enough for a nice display until right before Christmas, so I’ve just propped them up on our sideboard.

I saw this simple idea for holding Christmas cards in Better Homes and Gardens magazine and thought it looked like fun. I made a few adaptions to make it even simpler and to use what I already had around the house.

I started with an old  18 X 24” bulletin board that we weren’t using any more (bigger would have been even better). Then I chose several sheets of scrapbooking paper to cover it. This paper is decorated with gold flecks, although the pattern didn’t show in the photo. (Fabric would also be a nice choice, especially for a bigger bulletin board. I also used green crochet thread and colorful push pins.


I used a staple gun to attach the scrapbooking paper.


Then, I outlined a Christmas tree shape with the push pins.


Finally, I wrapped the string around one push pin a few times, then strung it from pin to pin until I was happy with how it looked. Easy enough for even young children to do with minimal help!


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