Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Free Electronics Kit for Kids!


Emily and I took advantage of a great offer to try out the first kit of the EEME (Monthly Project Kits to Teach Kids Electronics) absolutely free. The kit came with all the necessary electronic components (“real” parts, not toys) to build a “Genius Light”—an LED that lights up when the room is dark and dims when the room is light. The kit is accompanied by online videos that carefully detail the process and explain the principles of electronics.

I am very impressed by the program. Although the recommended ages are 7-12, it was both enjoyable and beneficial for Emily (teaching far beyond the simple electronic circuit concepts that she already knew). I think other teens would enjoy it as well. I know that Emily (and I) will learn a lot with  EEME!

If you would like to also try the first project free, use this link:

There are 5 monthly projects in the series, and you may cancel at any time.


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