Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Instant Publisher

self publish,self publishing,book publishing companyWhen I published my first Super Star Speech book in 2008, I spent quite a bit of time researching printers, both local and internet, trying to find a company that could provide exactly what I wanted at the best cost. I needed a spiral-bound format so that the books would lay flat and could be copied easily and found that some printers only do perfect-bound books. And with my limited budget, cost was very important. It’s really easy with their cost estimator tool, to quickly figure out what the cost of printing books will be and to adjust the variables, such as binding or volume ordered to see the effect on price.

Instant Publisher was able to provide what I needed, and the cost was the best I could find as well. They have a lot of options for size, binding, and paper type. I’ve used them ever since and have been very pleased. I usually even have my books printed and delivered in a week or so. I think the longest wait I’ve had has been two weeks.

If you have a printing need—cookbooks, your new novel, whatever, I’d suggest looking at what Instant Publisher has to offer.


Disclaimer: I’m sharing my honest opinion about my experiences with Instant Publisher. In return, Instant Publisher is providing me with a coupon toward my next order.

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