Monday, March 25, 2013

B is for Bubbles and Burning!

(Blogging through the alphabet with Ben and Me.)

We’ve been doing LOTS of science experiments lately. We’re in the process of reviewing the Supercharged Science e-science program (full review to come in a few weeks), which focuses almost entirely on doing science instead of just reading about it. Emily is having a ball!

Here, Emily is discovering that water has oxygen in it by heating up a test tube of water (but not to the boiling point) and watching for bubbles. She also learned that fish need the air/oxygen in water, which is why fish tanks have pumps to keep the water moving and to keep the air mixed in.


And did you know that if you soak a dollar bill in a mixture of alcohol and water, it will burn dramatically, but won’t burn up? The water absorbs the energy from the flame and, as it vaporizes, keeps the dollar bill itself cool enough that it doesn’t burn. (Trying it made me a little nervous, though!)



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  1. That would make me nervous too but it sounds like a lot of fun!


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