Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Seize the Year Calendar (Giveaway)

2013 Calendar (DryErase)
My calendar use has evolved over time. For years, I used a monthly calendar that I hung on the wall. Anyone in the family could see at a glance what our plans were for the month. Occasionally, I would take the calendar off the wall and tote it with me to meetings or other locations where I thought I might need to reference our schedule, but it stayed hanging up most of the time.
Two years ago, I decided to become even more organized and switched to a planner. Once I got used to the new way of doing things, I loved it. I was able to do more detailed planning for work projects and blogging as well as merely keeping track of a schedule.  The only problem with this was that Emily was constantly asking me, “What are we doing today?” or “Where are we going this week?” because she had no central calendar to refer to.
In November, I got a Kindle Fire and, trying to make the most productive use of it, am now using it for my calendar and planning. I am still on the learning curve, but think I’m really going to like it.
When I was first given the opportunity to try out the new Seize the Year Calendar by NeuYear, my first thought was that I didn’t need it. Then, I stared thinking some more. 
  • First, it’s a really neat concept, because I can see the whole year at a glance, yet the daily squares are still large enough to write in (almost 1 1/2 by 2 inches).  The months are labeled, but the calendar is laid out week by week with no gaps between months.
  • Second, the idea using the calendar to plan out my blogging schedule was very appealing, since I’m trying to get in the habit of blogging a little more this year. 
  • Third, this would give Emily a way to keep track of her schedule without asking me every single day!
The Seize the Year Calendar fits perfectly on the back of my study door. The reverse side of the calendar is printed in a horizontal orientation, which might work better in other locations, such as over a desk. 
I’m color coding activities—blue for blogging,  black for my activities, and red for Emily’s.  While I’ll still be using my Kindle Fire apps for my main calendar, planning, and list-making, the Seize the Year Calendar will be used for all my blog scheduling and scheduled commitments. I can already tell that it will be very helpful for making long-term plans, such as vacations because it shows the “big picture” of the year well.
I think it is attractive, with the monthly splashes of color. However, since this will be hanging up all year, I’d love to see the company make a prettier version with maybe a decorative border in addition to this utilitarian style.
Seize the Year calendars are available at Neuyear in both academic year and calendar year versions and sell for $30.
Would you like to win a free NeuYear Calendar to help organize your year?
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I received a free calendar from NeuYear with no obligation to blog about it, but am choosing to share my experiences. All opinions are my own.


  1. I think being able to see the whole year at a glance would be super. With a business (farm) you plan ahead. This could include the entire family.

  2. I am terribly unorganized, I think a calendar you can see the entire year at once, would be a great help! We have a family run business and I an a stay at home mom. I frequently feel overwhelmed and I think this organizational tool could help eleviate some of my stress :-).
    Melissa Alvarado

  3. I've been trying to streamline my planning and this would help out immensely. Especially with coordinating my mother-in-law's move to our town this year, the girls' school and judo events, and my husband's business trips, this would be terrific!

  4. Would work great to keep track of my review due dates, blogging schedule, and schooling schedule!

  5. Awesome! I'll share this on my blog page as well. :)

  6. It would be great to see the whole year at a glance!

  7. We are terribly unorganized and I would love to be able to see the year at a glance -- I, like you, get the "what are we doing tomorrow" or "when is .... (fill in the blank)" I love the idea of color coding! If I had this calendar, each of the kids would have their own color and we would have a family color for family activities. What a great idea!! Thanks for the chance!

  8. This would be used with all the kids - being able to see it and help with knowing what is happening each day!

  9. So I can see when everything is due or when events are scheduled

  10. I would love to try this out~ I need all the organization helpo I can get!!


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