Monday, March 12, 2012

Science Fun

When I think back over years of teaching science, I really don’t have any one favorite science curriculum. We’ve really used quite a piece-meal approach to science and I have a lot of favorites. Here are a few that we have enjoyed:


Bill Nye the Science Guy show—My older kids frequently watched this when it still came on PBS every afternoon and loved it. I really think they picked up a lot of knowledge effortlessly from this very entertaining show. We have some of the episodes recorded and clips from the show are available online, but Emily’s hardly ever watched it. I need to change that! Note that there is a lot of evolution-based content on the show.


TOPS (Task Oriented Physical Science) – This company publishes dozens of topical books with hands-on learning activities. Activities are presented in a clear sequence and students keep journals of their observations. Very meaty, but fun! We’ve done the Electricity and Corn and Beans books and have several more on the shelf to do soon. I wrote about our experience with TOPS several years ago.


I reviewed Christian Kids Explore Biology by Bright Ideas Press a couple of years ago. We really enjoyed this user-friendly course. I’ll be posting a review of Christian Kids Explore Chemistry next month.

We also enjoy doing a lot of experiments, watching and identifying the birds at our feeder and other nature study, and Curiosity Files studies.

What are your favorite science curricula?

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