Sunday, March 18, 2012

D is for Dreams


I have dreams of what I think homeschooling should be like. What I would like my day to look like.

First, I would always wake up early and have my Bible study and prayer time before I woke Emily up. She would wake up happily and actually make her bed, clean her room and remember to brush her hair(!) before breakfast. Her seat work would be done quickly and independently. Then we would spend lots of time doing hands-on experiments, snuggling on the couch with good books, taking nature walks and playing educational games. This dream child would always be enthusiastic about learning, cheerful, and helpful. Oh, let’s add an always-clean house to this dream!

All of these things do happen in our home, but not all on the same day. I deal with dawdling and bad attitudes and laziness. And honestly, some of that comes from me as well as Emily! We get bogged down in school books and don’t leave time for the delight-directed learning that I’d like. After bad days or bad weeks, I get discouraged, but I think the dreams are still important in order to give me goals to work for and a vision of how I would like our home to look.

What dreams do you have for your homeschool?

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  1. Your dreams sound similar to some of mine. Some of them are realistic, and some aren't. I guess I just have to balance my ideas of what "the perfect homeschool" would be in my family with the real world.


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