Friday, November 11, 2011

Math Mammoth

imageMath Mammoth publishes several different curriculums. Two years ago,  I reviewed the fourth grade level “Light Blue” program. The “Light Blue” program is a complete curriculum by grade level. This year, I got to try the “Blue” program, which is a series of worktexts on specific topics. Each is very reasonably priced at $2-$7.  I received the e-book version, which I printed and spiral bound.


The book I chose was Fractions and Decimals 3 ($7.00). This 6th grade level book provides intensive practice on decimals, the metric system, scientific notation, and fraction arithmetic. These are areas that Emily sometimes struggles with, so I thought the extra practice would help to increase her competence.


The lessons in Math Mammoth include clear explanations and examples of each topic and a variety of problems. Each lesson focuses on a single topic, although review lessons are also included periodically. Problems are presented in different ways, requiring the student to read directions carefully. (Emily got herself into trouble a few times when she guessed what to do instead of reading directions—a valuable lesson!)


I continue to be impressed with Math Mammoth materials. The varied problems and solid teaching ensures that the student truly understands the concepts instead of learning procedures by rote. The additional practice in this book is really helping to solidify Emily’s skills in fractions and decimals.

To read about my Crewmates’ experiences with other Math Mammoth products, please visit the Crew Blog page.


I received this book free for review purposes as a member of the TOS Crew.

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