Monday, November 14, 2011

Gratitude Challenge-Christmas Fair

Thank you to Brenda at Garden of Learning for sponsoring the Gratitude Challenge!

On Saturday, I spent the morning helping at our church’s “Christmas Fair.”  Our fellowship hall was filled with tables displaying hand made jewelry and other crafts from Haiti and other countries.  All “fair trade” items, which means that the craftsmen (typically women) are paid a fair wage for their work to enable them to support their families. Fair trade coffee, chocolate, and other food items were available, too. We also had opportunities to donate to Heifer Project or a local ministry to the homeless. Many people came through through to begin their Christmas shopping and/or to make donations in lieu of Christmas gifts for those who “have everything already.”

I am thankful that the event was a great success and for the many people who are working to help those in poverty to make better lives for themselves.


These necklaces from Apparent Project-Haiti have tags profiling the artist who made them.


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